Bad news? Then RELAX with Bath Salts!

At the moment, we’re pretty much surrounded by bad news. We turn on the TV and a news anchor is telling us our stocks have hit an all-time low. Turn the channel, and there is yet another negative political ad. Turn it once more, talking heads are telling us the horrific state of the global economy. You feel it is your duty to listen, to stay informed and be educated as to what’s going on. And undoubtably, you should – but not for hours upon hours. Balance is key.
So how do you achieve balance in your life? Chances are, you’re feeling stress about the current political and economic climate. While it’s good to stay “up” on the news, you should be taking care of yourself and taking a much-needed break fro the hype. You’re probably looking for an escape, and one that is inexpensive and won’t l break the bank. Solution: take a bath!
Instead of coming home from work and going straight to the couch, leave the remote on the coffee table and take a bath instead. You’ll feel energized and positive, something we all need. Taking a bath will allow you time to reflect on your day, take some quiet time for yourself and relax. You’ll get a better night sleep, your stress levels will decrease and you’ll gain some perspective.
Here are some steps you can take towards the perfect bath. Run some warm water and don’t forget to add bath salts. Natural bath salts (made from salts found in oceans around the world) contain an amazing variety of nutrients and minerals that will keep your body balanced and healthy from the inside out. The key is to find bath salts that have been left untreated, unwashed and are taken directly from their source to your home. At the San Francisco Bath Salt Company, our bath salts are always brought to you in their natural state, full of minerals and nutrients.
You can choose from an array of different bath salts to suit your needs, and the possibilities are endless. You can choose the color of your salts, and you can choose what fragrances, essential oils, and herbs are added to your bath salts. For instance, if you are feeling stress in your life, some blue bath salts infused with lavender will bring a you tranquility and relaxation. If you feel worn down and need energy, try yellow bath salts with citrus essential oils to invigorate you. Once your bath salts are immersed in water, their amazing healing properties will be released for you to soak in.
Dim the lights, light a candle or two, and escape from this crazy world for a while. Make sure no radios or TVs are on in your house – this a time of complete silence and a time to get away from all the negativity crossing over the airwaves. Relaxing music is okay – just no talk radio! You can’t fix the world by worrying about it, and having a few extra moments to clear your mind might leave fertile ground for new ideas and perspectives. Who knows? After a good bath, maybe you can change the world.