Bathing During Pregnancy

There is a rumor that has circulated for years, concerning bathing during pregnancy: many believe that bathing during pregnancy is harmful for your unborn child. The most common believe is that germs and dirt from bath water could make it's way up into the uterus and infect the fetus. Turns out, this belief is in fact an old wives' tale, and there is no reason why you shouldn't bathe while … [Read more...]

Ingredient and Oil Properties for Soap, Lotion, Serums, Bath and Body

To help take the mystery out of the ingredients listed in soap, lotion, serum or other products you have received from Momma Muse (or other handmade bath & body companies), here is a list of the commonly used ingredients by common name, label name (the FDA required INCI name - International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients) and description of skin benefits and properties it provides. Don't … [Read more...]

Easy Steps to Create the Ultimate Bubble Bath

Does the thought of creating just the right atmosphere and ambience for a bubble bath for the special lady in your life make you break into a cold sweat? Would you know how, or where, to start? Here are seven easy steps to create a bubble bath she'll remember. 1.) Planning Planning is a key element. Have the bubble bath, candles, music, towel, a plush robe and favorite slippers available and … [Read more...]

Bath and Body Products

Who does not want to make herself beautiful and always highlight her in the eyes of others. To feel the elegance of everlasting glee what you need -simply to follow some easy measures so that you can have the glee all the time and a delicate smile always hovers on your lips. To enjoy a shower after the hard toil is all the time refreshing and heavenly. A simple shower can never offer you the … [Read more...]

Home Spa and Bath Products to Relieve Stress and Help You Relax

In today's busy world, stress can build up in a hurry. Whether you're a busy stay-home mom, a corporate executive or you fall somewhere in between, everyone needs relief once in a while from the anxiety and tension of everyday life. Thankfully, there are many affordable home spa and bath products on the online market to help you do just that. Many of us don't have the time or simply can't … [Read more...]