Anti- Aging Skin Care

One of the most interesting topics on skin care is 'anti -aging skin care'. As one gets older, the natural defence of our skin (and in fact of the whole body) weakens. 'Anti aging skin care' is about protecting your skin from the negative effects of aging process. 'Anti -aging skin care' helps in maintaining a young and fresh look for a longer period of time. However, 'anti -aging skin care' … [Read more...]

Home care Program – Sensitive skin – Only Your Skin Care

With Sensitive skin, the skins barrier is often impaired, allowing vital moisture to escape and irritants to penetrate the skin causing stinging, redness and irritation. All skin types can be affected, but is more commonly found in those with dry skin. Examples of sensitised skin include - Sun Burn, Wind Burn, Chemical Burn and skin that may have had a reaction. Morning & Evening Program … [Read more...]