Easy Ways To Protect Your Favorite Scent

When you purchase very expensive perfumes or colognes, the last thing you want to happen is for them to loose their character which led you to pick them! By following 3 simple rules in properly storing your fragrances, you will not damage your investment and will be able to enjoy them for a very long time!
All perfumes and colognes lose many of their fine qualities over time when not stored properly! There are several factors that quickly degrade your favorite fragrances. These degrading factors are light, heat, and oxygen. All of the factors are easily overlooked by many of us, but each can do drastic damage to your favorite perfume.
Don’t worry! They are all extremely easily to cure!
Light and heat are factors in perfume storage that are the easiest to cure, by keeping the perfume bottles in their original boxes, or the use of small aluminum screw top bottles when being stored.
The purpose of storing your perfume in its original packaging or aluminum bottles is to prevent exposure to harmful light rays. Just like your skin, perfume is damaged by the light! The biggest downside to aluminum packaging is the fact that most perfumes come in such beautiful bottles! The fragrances bottle shape, color and graphics are subtle influences in the perfume or cologne purchase. By storing in the original packaging you will continue to enjoy your perfume or cologne for that simple reason being able to enjoy the beautiful bottle! If you choose to store your perfume in its original bottle, keep it safe in its box, away from light. If you choose to use the aluminum Purchase aluminum bottles with the same volume as your original perfume bottles to eliminate “extra” head space between the lid and the fragrance.
Saving your perfume from the heat is easy to correct by storing your fragrances in the refrigerator between 37-45 degrees. They will stay as fresh and beautiful as the day you bought them!
There cures two of the three!
The last of the three factors being Oxygen is much trickier to deal with, but the solution is just as easy as the previous degrading factors. Oxygen is the biggest of the three factors that alters the fragrance! Care must be taken in eliminating as much oxygen that is coming in contact with your fragrance. Oxygen oxidizes your perfume at the molecular level and will alter the scent over time. The best and easiest way by far is to use a spray bottle instead of an open bottle. Spray bottles are the simplest way to eliminate oxidation because by not taking the lid off of the perfume bottle, oxygen is not being allowed inside, reducing this damaging effect. A side benefit of using a spray bottle is that the perfume will not be contaminated by coming in contact with the skin on your finger when you touch the bottles opening to apply your fragrance.
In Summary the easiest ways to Save Your Fragrances: 1) Store the perfume bottle in its original box or aluminum screw top bottles. 2) Store your fragrance in the refrigerator between 37 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 3) Choose a spray applicator versus an open bottle of perfume. By Following these simple steps, you will…Save Your Perfume!