Makeup 101 for Glamour Models

This report is for those teens and women who want to look their best in pictures whether preparing for a model photo shoot or just to take some really great portraits or glamour shots.
You’ll find step by step information about what makeup to use, how to apply makeup, and what not to do when preparing makeup for photo sessions. Enjoy and look your best!
The difference between “street” makeup and “camera” makeup
Most women know how to apply makeup for everyday use but there are a few differences in applying makeup for photos; especially glamour. If you follow the tips below, you will be on your way to better glamour pictures.
The key is to simply fix your face as if you were going out for the evening, wearing more than for daytime use, extra contrast and especially more powder. Did I mention More Powder?
Wear makeup a little heavier
To achieve that natural look in your glamour portrait, apply a little more makeup than you would in your daily activities and even more than you would if you were going out for the evening.
You will probably think you that you are wearing too much makeup but remember that the lights take away from whatever amount of makeup you have on so don’t worry.
How do you achieve this look?
Follow the simple makeup steps listed here and, with a little practice, you should be able to get the results you’re after.
The first step is to moisturize your face thoroughly and then begin with concealer.
The concealer you use for photos should be 2 or 3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Concealer is used to hide blemishes, lighten your eyes and used if there is any discoloration around the lip area.
Next, use a solid foundation evenly applied over the face.
This part is very simple but is misunderstood by even some makeup artists. Match the foundation to your chin and neckline. You don’t want a sudden change of color in your makeup from your face to the neck or upper chest. I’ve even heard of some makeup artists applying makeup to the neck and shoulders! There is no need to do this if you follow the rule of matching from the face to the neck.
After your makeup foundation is finished, just apply the rest of your makeup as you normally do but in heavier amounts for the camera.
Powder! Powder! Powder!
Be sure not to forget the powder! If you’ve ever seen makeup applied for TV or the movies, the makeup artist is almost always patting the face with the powder applicator. Ever wonder why?
Because powder, and lots of it, is absolutely essential to gaining that beautiful mat finish which is always present in a great portrait. Even if you’ve never used powder in your life, please use it for just this once during your portrait session. Powder many times makes the difference between a beautiful portrait and just a portrait.
Bringing out the cheeks with makeup
Now that I’ve driven home the importance of powder, apply makeup below your cheekbone and under chin to create an oval look to the face. Be sure to blend in and not create distinct lines. Apply this makeup a little darker but not too heavy.
Lip Color
Choosing your lip color and application: Make sure that your lip gloss is a solid color and about one shade deeper than you normally wear it. Use a lip liner that is the same color as your lipstick, please, please DO NOT WEAR BLACK! Also, try to avoid frosted lip colors entirely because they hardly show up on film and will give the illusion that you are not wearing lip color at all.
Apply your blush and eye makup a little heavier than normal but neatly and precisely.
For best results, eye liner should be applied starting from the outside of the lower part of the eye and extending about 3/4 length toward the inner part. Really work on those eyes and lips. These are the two key features in glamour photography.
Use eye shadow which is a lighter shade rather than darker so that the eyes appear more alive. Apply eye shadow to the upper eye lid and above the eye just below the eyebrow. When a darker shade is used in this area it will create a darkening of the eyes and give the appearance of a sleepless night which is not very appealing. Using a light shadow will produce the best results.
Take your makeup with you
Last, but not least, take your makeup case with you to your photo session. You may need to touch up during the shoot and will most likely need to add powder as your session advances.
If you follow these simple steps for applying makeup you are more likely to be happy with your photographs.
Makeup complaints
Most makeup complaints come when women have someone else apply their makeup for them. You are more experienced in applying your own makeup and, if you follow these instructions, you should be more than happy with your results.
To make your photo session go smoother and faster, please apply your makeup before leaving home for the session.
Hopefully, you have found some interesting and helpful information about how to apply makeup for pictures. It is my aim that you look and feel the best you possibly can by having your makeup look professional before going to your glamour or portrait photo session.